We’re growing! After a successful three months with dinner service, Nomm is launching lunch service beginning March 17th from 13:00 until 16:00. Lunch service is available all days of operation, from Wednesday to Sunday.

You’ll enjoy the same elements you’ve had during our dinner service, including a starter, main, dessert and beverage. Nomm will be offering three choices of each course, all inspired by our food culture of Asian Fusion, Mediterranean, and more.

Lunch service will be first come, first serve, without an option to make an advanced reservation.  The menu will be rotating weekly, with different flavour opportunities created by the Nomm team, inspired by, but different from the menu options you enjoy during our evening service.

The menu price is 15€, giving you a great opportunity to enjoy what Nomm has to offer. We hope to justify to you the early press calling Nomm one of the top Asian Fusion restaurants in Barcelona, one of the best places in Barcelona for steak tartar, and why it is head and shoulders above other pan-Asian restaurants in Barcelona.

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