What is the inspiration behind the design of the entrance to Nomm? What is the inspiration behind the interior design of Nomm? There’s more than meets the eye to concept of Barcelona’s best Asian fusion restaurant!

Nomm’s chief innovator, Peter Vivant, has an eclectic background, spending time in various parts of Asia prior to moving to Barcelona. He fell in love with the hidden doors and secret locations of some of the top restaurants in Japan. He was inspired by the little squares all over Hong Kong, hidden away amongst the skyscrapers and bustle of the city.

He teamed up with Barcelona architect Narcis Font, who has worked on projects from an innovative office building in Rubi, Lionel Messi’s Bella Vista restaurant, and The Backyard BCN project to execute the Nomm vision.

Nomm’s entry is meant to be a surprise with obscured glass hiding the interior – in the Japanese tradition – rather than displaying what lies beyond. This also gives patrons a private and intimate feel once inside.

With Font’s artistic design above the bar, utilising greens and reds in a wood and fabric installation, you’ll feel like you’ve entered an intimate Shanghai speakeasy bar.

The dining side is meant to emulate a Hong Kong square, with lanterns providing soft lighting which surround tree sculpture which is made from a real tree which has been preserved and modified to create a canopy of nature for your dining experience.


Nomm looks forward to welcoming you for Barcelona’s best asian fusion restaurant. You can dine with us for lunch Tuesday through Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00, drinks beginning at 19:00, and dinner service starting at 20:00.


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